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Hello Everyone Sandra here I built this site for my lover boy Chang Wufei. In my opinion he's the coolest pilot there is and not to mention the most sexy boy in the anime world So I built this place for him
Keep in mind that this has yaoi in it As in boy/boy love If the idea sickens you move along buddy Flames will be put up and laughed at And of course Wu will be paired with anyone So no 1x2 3x4 Sorry 1x2 3x4 fans
But now enough with my mindless blabbering Come one come all and enjoy yourselves

01/26/02-This site to my Wu-Baby was born Yoopsee!
01/27/02-I put up The You Know You Love Wu-Chan and 1x5 Stuff So far it has the fic by Kai called Say No To Me
02/04/02-I put up the voting page There are three so far but I'll put up more
02/10/02-I archieved three new fics-Burning Love, Camoflauge and If you love me set me free all by Bea
03/10/02-My baby was begging for a new look and this is what I found. Black and purple look so right 2gether ne?
Uploaded a 5x2 fic by Kai called Against all Odds
03/17/02-I got the lyrics for Wufei's image songs!
I fixed up the Wu image galleries and I finally added the bishoujos I love the catch so much.
03/31/02-Edited a lot of stuff, such as my profile, the bishies page, I put up two new links, Petals, a Treize shrine and Osystem, a kick ass Gundam site
I also edited my profile a little bit
Now I won't be updatin'much except change links, layouts and/or fics every now and then. It's been great fun building this abode! ^_^
Oh Wu-Chan is so cute How could you Wu haters hate him I'm gonna hug my Wu plushie Excuse me for a sec

Come on y'all you know you want to e-mail to tell me anything you want even flames then I might be able to see what's wrong with the site and fix it
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